Submitting a Plan


The School CIP must be uploaded into ALEAT and ready when the Arizona Department of Education reviews the ESEA Consolidated Application. The school CIP must be developed and reviewed by a schoolwide team consisting of teachers (classroom, music, art, dance and theatre teachers), district administrators, curriculum specialists or other professional staff, parents, and community stakeholders. 



Why a Schoolwide Planning Team?


The school, family, and community members who comprise your planning team are all stakeholders whose participation and buy-in is essential to your program's success.  It’s helpful to think of the approval process as an opportunity to build the supportive, engaged partnerships you will need to implement your program effectively.  Creating a foundation of understanding, support, and buy-in from your planning team ensures that your plan is not just a document sitting on a shelf, but your roadmap to a transformed school culture.

Student Engagement and Parent Involvement: Why the Arts Are Effective and Why It's Important


In this film, parents and school leaders talk about how arts strategies engage students and involve parents in powerful ways that support both academic goals and a positive school environment.

For more detailed information on the development of a school site council or schoolwide planning team, please click the links to the documents below:

Federal Guidelines for a Title I Schoolwide Planning Team

Federal Guidelines for Parent Involvement